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Installation of Control Panel

We designed, built and installed a new control panel for an oil pan sealant application

Our Customer ThyssenKrupp

ThyssenKrupp are large multinational corporation originating in Germany but operating extensively within the EU and NAFTA regions. With 180,000 work for the group worldwide with additional support from companies like ours.


The Requirement

To control a five phased oil pan function that was, at the time, manually operated.



Manual operation of the oil pan activity was proving to be very costly; an automated solution was required and we were asked to come up with a workable solution that would result in faster and more reliable output. The existing functions were:

  • Primer is applied to the oil pan via a 3 bond dispenser
  • The pans are left to allow primer to dry
  • Sealant is applied to the oil pan via a control valve
  • The sealant is cured by exposing the oil pan to UV light
  • The process is checked and wiped

The challenge was to design the full system and that meant a significant amout of research and development at our own facility before any installation occured on the customers site.


What we did

All the fixtures, sensors and switches are connected to a local ASI Bus network which is wired back to the main control panel. Each jig is manually loaded, but is centrally controlled and monitored from a Siemens S7 PLC – allowing correct sequence of operation. Amongst this the control panel had other features to control task lighting, the extraction system and UV lamps. An HMI is used to monitor the whole process and to provide the following features:

  • Overview status of the entire system
  • Sequence status for each jig
  • Enable/disable fixtures
  • Start/stop control
  • ASI Bus status

Each fixture is fitted with a two tier red/green light tower for local indication to operator. The control panel itself also has a light tower to indicate overall status and to alert supervisors.

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