Control panels to manage bulk food production from Adbro Controls Ltd

New Silo & Weighing System

We designed and created the mechanisms that enabled flour to be weighed and distributed from a large storage silo.

Our Customer Discovery Foods

Discovery Foods are a rapidly growing food producer based in Daventry. Specialising in mexican foods such as torilla wraps, flour forms a large part of thier ingredients making the control of its use extremely important.



The system consisted of a 40 tonne bulk storage silo filled by a road tanker. The outlet of the silo is fitted with a bin activator that feeds a surge hopper. The outlet of the surge hopper is fitted with an inverter controlled rotary blowing seal that will entrain product into the conveying line at a metered rate. A single conveying line will run from the silo and feed product through an inline centrifugal sifter at ground level. The conveying line rises vertically & runs horizontally towards the receiving vessel. The conveying air for the pneumatic transfer system is provided by an exhauster. Preset batch weights of flour are metered into a mobile bowl by a rotary valve. The weight of the batch is controlled using load cells mounted on the weigh vessel on a “Loss in weight basis” The receiving vessel is automatically refilled from the silo when the weight falls to an operator adjustable set point.


What we did

The system is controlled from a central Allen Bradley PLC mounted in the main MCC panel. The silo has a separate control panel indicating the silo weight, Alarm indicators etc. The receiving vessel has an HMI mounted in a panel at the bottom of the receiving vessel. This is the main operator control for the system. Main features of the HMI:

  • Graphical overview status of whole system
  • Batch weight selection & control
  • Alarms
  • Change system parameters

Telemecanique Inverter drives were used to control the rotary blowing seal motor on the silo & the rotary valve on the receiving vessel outlet.

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