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Our Customer Jacobs

 Jacobs Crackers are produced by the large global, snack producing company United Biscuits. As a large business UB are constantly looking for ways to improve efficiency and productivity.


The Requirement

To automate the process of grouping two packets of Jacobs Cream Crackers, ready for packaging by the Flow Wrap machine.


The existing system

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The existing setup required an operator to manually group two packets together; this proved to be an extremely expensive option. Introducing automation was an obvious choice but bespoke systems need time to develop and that's where our company excels.

What we did

We applied Vision System technology to automate the packaging of Jacobs Cracker packets to improve efficiency and reduce labour costs. Originally, an operator would pull packs of crackers off the conveyor two at a time, transferring them manually onto another conveyor to be twin wrapped. (This was not only tedious and time consuming for the operator, but also lacked consistency.) Jacob's wanted to improve the consistency and productivity on the popular 'twin pack' line of crackers through the introduction of an additional system that would automatically transfer the crackers from one conveyor to another.

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