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Vizualise Your Control Data With HMI

HMI is an acronym of Human Machine Interface - it allows you and your control system to interact. This highly versatile component of SCADA technology is a graphic interface that will help you to identify what is and isn’t working on the shop floor. As well as interpreting data, it can help the operator to control the process, radically increasing productivity by having a computerized control centre that is incredibly user-friendly.

Adbro know that most employees within the production process do not necessarily have a vast amount of computer knowledge. This is why it is imperative to have a working software system that is complex under the bonnet, but which is simple to use for the operator. Just imagine, for example, you have all your processes in place and they are coordinated by a SCADA system - how does the person on you production line control and interpret what is happening to the process in real time?

HMI Solutions from Adbro to bring Production Data to Life

Over the years Adbro have gained a high reputation for designing and adapting SCADA and HMI for process driven industries. Whether we are creating HMI solutions for new Adbro Systems, or adapting proprietary software for retrofits or slowly ageing systems, you can count on Adbro to work to your specific requirements. We can design, supply, deliver, install, commission, maintain and support HMI (& SCADA systems) to address your specific process needs.

Adbro are an independent and impartial company with no hidden interest in dealing with any one particular vendor. We’re able to provide and support systems from a range of vendors including; Siemens, Iconics, InTouch, Rockwell, Mitsubishi, Omron, GE Fanuc, Schneider group, Toshiba and Hitachi. In addition this we also offer bespoke solutions - built upon the Windows .NET frameworks platform. Whether you are looking for solutions for proprietary software, or require a more custom approach to your HMI, Adbro are here to help you find the right solution for your process.

Adbro also provide a plethora of other services for process driven industries. We make control panels that are of the highest quality, and which are also designed to your own unique process specifications. We also have a vast amount of design, build and installation experience, building vision systems and motion control systems for all manner of companies from SMEs to large, well-known corporations. No matter which type of company you are, we are totally dedicated to providing you with the controls expertise that is right for your process, and have the capacity to work on turn key projects, or to manage niche aspects of larger projects.

Benefits of Adbro HMI Solutions:

  • Turn-key project management services
  • Independent, impartial software vendors advice
  • Extensive knowledge of both proprietary and custom built software solutions
  • Software expertise for most of the major vendors
  • User friendly graphic interface for operators
  • Expert control engineers with an in-depth knowledge of HMI Software design
  • Safety orientated software solutions
  • 24-hour emergency support on site and by phone




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