Machine relocation with Adbro Controls Ltd

International Machine Relocation

We managed the relocation from Canada to England.

Our Customer Selig

Manufacturers of tamper-evident cap/closure lining materials.


The Requirement

The client wanted to install a Polymer laminating machine at their premises in Slough. It had previously been used for 10 years in one of their divisions in Canada.



The machine laminates products by unwinding two webs simultaneously from the two unwind units, into the laminating section where adhesive is applied and the two substrate are laminated. Meanwhile the rewind unit ‘takes up’ the laminated product. The machine is in four sub-sections with a shaftless drive system with the inverter driven motors electronically synchronised.


What we did

The machine arrived from Canada on site as six main sections:

  • The main control panels
  • Unwind Unit 1
  • Unwind Unit 2
  • Laminating/treatment Section
  • Rewind Unit
  • Web Bridge

Each unit was placed approximately in position with the overhead web bridge located last across the top of the units. The dimensions between units were checked, small adjustments being made to ensure correct distances (within +/- 0.2mm). The level (both vertical and horizontal) of each section was checked and adjusted (within 0.05mm across width of units) using accurate laser equipment. The electrical wiring from the main control cabinets and the various electrical panels throughout the machine were made. Ancillary equipment such as adhesive heaters and coolant units were installed and connected both electrically and otherwise. Additional customer requirements were undertaken:

  • Additional machinery
  • Lighting
  • Extra air supplies

All levels and positions were rechecked. All safety guarding and entry gates were fitted and connected. Due to the nature of the process, fume extraction systems were required. These were installed to meet the customer and environmental expectations. All Input/output testing was performed between the numerous components and the Siemens P.L.C and the operators control computer system. The machine was run at various different speeds to ensure sound operation. Load cells (measuring product tension via L.V.D.T strain gauges) were recalibrated and tested for operation. The products were trialled through the machine following the correct web path to ensure the customer was completely satisfied.

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