Protecting you and your business: Adbro puts safety at the heart of your process, every time.

Safety is at the core of everything we do here at Adbro. Not only are we controls experts, but we are also experts at integrating safety processes and procedures, and incorporating them into every single project that we work on. We also have the capacity to design and build programmable safety systems for already existing control systems. Needless to say, all of this comes with the required safety documentation.

So then, what control technologies do Adbro provide machine safety for? Well, the answer to that is – pretty much all of them! This includes machine vision, motion control, PLC systems and all of our process engineering offerings in general. Regardless of the size of company, project or even industry sector, we make safety our priority – starting with designers’ risk assessments and ending with final safety documentation, we will make sure that your process, staff and business are protected by systems at as low a risk as possible.

How Adbro can help you keep your processes safe

With Adbro, safety comes as standard. All of our systems are designed to be as safe as they are effective.Software is delivered with validation of safety function in document form, and after installation, rigorous testing is carried out. Of course, we can also provide things such as light guards, safety scanners and safety perimeter fencing. We offer consultation and guidance with the PUWER health and safety guidelines, determining the performance and safety integrity level of your system, and have the ability to provide Sistemia reporting.

In the past many companies have turned to Adbro to design and build special programmable safety systems that can fit in with their existing systems. This is something crucial to mission critical industries such as transportation and aerospace, plus many manufacturing industries that utilize high cost and extremely perishable ingredients. We’ve worked on many backup control systems over the years, and have built up a reputation for designing and building secondary safety systems to take the strain out of primary systems that are second to none. If you are a company within a high-risk industry there are many things that Adbro can do to help to put extra safeguarding in place for your process.

We put a lot of care in our maintenance and support services, helping you to identify the need for safety intervention. Of course, in the wake of an emergency we are available 24 hours a day to help troubleshoot critical problems that may occur.

From modification of existing systems to a complete new safety system, Adbro can take on all your safety obligations leaving you to concentrate on you core business:

  • Designers risk assessment
  • Consultation and guidance with PUWER - determining performance level and safety integrity level of your system
  • System design
  • Sistemia reporting
  • System build
  • Installation & testing
  • Programmable safety systems
  • Software delivered with validation of safety function in document form
  • Light guards
  • Safety scanners

Safety perimeter fencing

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