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Adbro are your complete motion controls service provider. Regardless of company size, industry sector and project requirements, we have the knowledge to produce effective systems based on your process needs.  We have considerable experience designing and building motion control solutions that replace repetitive manual labour and allow for consistent accuracy.

There are a plethora of reasons for using effective and efficient motion control systems for your production. Reduced wastage and increased productivity are the obvious economic benefits, but in addition this, systems that are designed especially for your processes will create a leaner, sleeker and more manageable operation altogether. The need for maintenance is also greatly reduced. Designing systems that are tailored for your production processes will keep your business on the move for years to come.

Adbro have the knowledge and experience to design motion control systems that work for you. We can fit new systems with turn-key project management, tweak old systems as necessary, or we can even apply our engineering expertise to retrofit tricky systems that are obsolete or nearing end of life. Of course, all of this is carried out within strict safety parameters and comes with the required paperwork. In addition to these services we can also provide you with maintenance and support, either on-site, or by phone. In the case of emergencies, we have a 24-hour call out service too.

In addition to our motion control product and services, Adbro have a whole raft of process engineering solutions. Our skilled process engineering experts can provide high quality services and products for Vision, PLC and many other control systems. With our comprehensive project management offerings we will take care of all aspects of design, build, installation and commissioning for you, incorporating avast range of mechanical and electrical, process and software engineering services.

Motion control upgrades and retrofits made simple by Adbro

Although motion technology systems have been helping process driven companies to manufacture more effectively for decades, many of the original systems have now become obsolete. How do you deal with a motion control system that’s on its knees?

Fortunately Adbro are experienced in the replacement of motion control systems, which have become obsolete or difficult to maintain, and have worked within a wide range of areas, such as robot cells, palletising equipment and specialised food-handling equipment with synchronised linear axis controls. Of course our knowledge is not limited to these types of project. We are able to upgrade just about any type of motion control system by process driven companies – regardless of sector or industry type. We can also help with general upgrades of drives or controllers, or outdated software.

Ranging from single axis open loop to multi axis closed loop systems, our motional control systems help you:

  • To increase your productivity
  • Reduce unnecessary wastage
  • Achieve greater accuracy for your production process
  • Reduce general downtime
  • Use less manpower – overall and for shiftwork
  • Reduce the need for maintenance generally

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