PC Based Software Services

When Proprietary Software Isn’t Enough

Here at Adbro, we understand that sometimes vendor-specific software can fall somewhat short of the requirements needed for complex control systems. That is why, in addition to proprietary software expertise, we consider it our duty to also be able to offer software solutions that are not reliant on any one particular vendor, but which can also operate across multiple vendors. We also have the ability to provide complex stand-alone solutions to provide truly flexible and adaptable systems.

Using the latest PC technology, we can provide a PC based solution to compliment a PLC/SCADA/HMI solution to operate as stand-alone systems in a variety of operating formats, including embedded systems such as Window CE.

Complimentary Solutions for Your Existing SCADA, HMI and PLC

Do you have complex control processes that span multiple vendors and software platforms, making daily operations something of a headache? Do you feel that these processes could be simplified and made more effective? At Adbro, we believe that a PC based software solution is a great answer to these questions, and we have the knowledge to help you fully realize a process that works for you.

Our PC based complimentary systems are hugely flexible and can work across different platforms from multi-vendors. They could include: relational database systems for long-term storage of data, bespoke OPC servers for filed devices that do not have a supplied driver, or very importantly, we can create custom-built operator interface devices, which are often a more practical solution if using machinery from OEM's which use standardised interfaces. This can have immense SCADA/ HMI cost-saving benefits.

Stand-Alone Solutions for Flexible Control Systems

Perhaps you require some additional brainpower for your current process? Bespoke PC based stand-alone solutions allow youmore control over your processes and reporting. Systems that Adbro can provide could include data capture systems that collect their data from a variety of vendors and instrumentation across networks, and soft PLC systems that utilise PC technology as a platform for either a virtual PLC or a dedicated module that resides in a PC slot (and emulates traditional PLC CPU systems).

We also have a great deal of experience designing motion control systems that reside as a module in the PC, and provide closed-loop control and operator interface features to compliment the drive controllers and feedback systems.

In addition to all of these PC based solutions, Adbro also have a great deal of knowledge of proprietary software for most of the big players within the industry. So if you require HMI/SCADA/PLC solutions for a specific make of machine, we are sure to be able to help you with new projects, or provide software solutions as part of a retrofit or process adaptation. Call us today to find out more!

Benefits of Adbro’s flexible PC based solutions:

  • Turn-key project management services
  • Impartial advice on software vendors
  • Adaptable solutions design to work across various platforms
  • Flexible software design to work across multiple vendors
  • Flexible and accurate reporting to slim-line your process
  • A great approach to simplify overly complex processes A
  • safety first approach
  • 24-hour emergency support on site and by phone

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