Plastic Extruder Upgrade

We were able to enhance Wavin's system to give them better overall control.

Our Customer Wavin

A large European manufacturer based in Chippenham, Wiltshire providing above and below ground solutions for water management, plumbing and drainage systems.


The Requirement

To increase the manageability of the plastic corrugating machine.



The machine, by way of moving moulds, forms corrugations in semi-fluid plastic, which is, when cooled and cut used in the building industries for underground waste pipe. The hot fluid product comes into the ‘intake’ of the machine through pipe work. Driven moulds either side come together to form a diameter and create a ‘tunnel’. The product passes through the length of the machine and is cooled by water causing it to harden into a rigid product. Upstream of the machine, this product is cut to length.


What we did

Adbro installed a system so that the operator now controls the whole process; start to finish from a single H.M.I. All parameters can be monitored and if required they can be adjusted. ‘Recipes’ are used for a preset range of plastics (in this instance, various diameters of product with the relevant speed etc). New products can easily be added to the ‘recipe’ list as required. The system was designed and built by Adbro ‘off-site’, minimising the ‘downtime’ for Wavin - keeping the time on-site to a minimum with installation, commissioning and training. Software controlled Servo Drives were used to replace the existing motors for driving the product through the machine allowing a very accurate and finite control of speed and motion. These were ACOPOS B&R 1090 Drives controlled via Motion Control software alongside the B&R P.L.C. software written for the control of the machine. Both analogue and digital signals were used to control all aspects of the process from speed, wall thickness of the product, flow and temperature of the cooling procedure. Additional features were also added to allow the operator control, or improved control and monitoring on aspects previously not available.

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