Controls clout from Adbro makes you the master of your production process

Adbro are a complete controls solutions provider for virtually any company that uses process within production. Our process engineering expertise applies to a plethora of sectors, including all types of manufacturing (such as plastics, food, transport), industrial process, rail, aerospace, utilities, and pharmaceutical. This list is not by any means exhaustive. We have the capability to fully manage complete turn-key control projects within areas such as vision control, PLC controls and motion control.

Within our process engineering offering, we also offer mechanical and electrical expertise, software engineering and fabrication services from our controls workshop in Berkshire. Our highly skilled process engineers can provide niche services for larger projects as required, and all projects benefit from our highly recommended support and maintenance services.

Vision systems

Adbro have a very high reputation within the controls industry for its vision system expertise. For any kind of production that requires inspection and/or rejection systems, Adbro can help you achieve a better alternative to existing labour intensive processes that are possibly economically damaging to your company. With top speeds and accuracy, Adbro supply super-fast frame rates with all-important data accuracy - designed, built, installed and commissioned to your exact requirements. We only use the best quality products from outside vendors like Sick and Ranger (for our cameras), and most of the products that we build in our controls workshop, such as our vision control panels - eclipse many others on the market.

PLC controls

Due to the modular design of PLC systems, many of our customers like the flexibility of this highly adaptable system. We can design and build a new system to either replace costly manual production or replace other automated systems that aren’t as flexible. If you have out of date systems and have an emergency situation, Adbro have the expertise to retrofit your PLC systems. We can replace obsolete parts or entire systems to fit your process. Although we have the engineering and software skills to adapt the biggest names in PLC, we are fundamentally an independent controls company who operate impartially and will adapt or retrofit just about any PLC controls system in existence.

Motion control systems

Adbro are a one-stop-shop for any kind of process driven company looking to automate their production processes. Our project engineering services can include: New design and build projects to replace labour intensive motion control systems; the upgrading of current systems - especially drives and controllers that have become worn and need replacing, the complete retrofit of obsolete systems, or those nearing end of life.  Of course, we highly advocate the constant maintenance of any control system, and this is especially true with motion control – a technology that has been in existence for a long time. Our excellent maintenance services for motion control will allow us to identify when any ageing systems need attention – although we offer 24 hour support for emergencies if things are further gone than previously thought!

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