Going retro: Adbro to the rescue

Here at Adbro, we consider retrofitting to be an important part of our services portfolio. The process and manufacturing industries have many specific idiosyncrasies that can bring down the whole production process, and therefore there is a real need for controls experts who can quickly and effectively deal with ageing process equipment and software.

For example, most process-orientated industries rely on some kind of automation controlled by machinery and software. These products and services are usually from the same small handful of virtually identical vendors; many of whom will often stop making parts or designing software for their original products after a certain amount of time. If you use these obsolete products, and then they break down, then what?

There are certain areas of the process control industry where this is particularly true. Motion control and PLC systems are two technologies that have been around for while. This can mean that systems, which have been happily working for decades can suddenly decide to stop working, and you have no support or products whatsoever to get things moving again.

In an ideal world it would be great to completely redesign new systems, or experiment with newer technologies, but Adbro recognize that for budgetary and other reasons, this is not always a possible solution. If this is your preferred option, we will always work with you to retrofit your existing systems, but in any case we will consult and advise you if we think that we can offer an alternative solution.

The dangers of working with outdated control systems

Working with a control system that is nearing the end of its life, or become obsolete, is wasteful, expensive and unproductive, and can have a catastrophic effect on the general operations of your business. The worst-case scenario is that you could put yourself, staff and company seriously at risk by ignoring critical warning signs. At Adbro, our emergency support services are first rate and available 24 hours a day - should the worst happen, but why let old systems degenerate into a critical situation unnecessarily?

With the help of Adbro, thankfully, there are certain steps that can be taken to avoid a controls emergency with old or obsolete systems. Whilst it may seem self-evident that regular maintenance and checks will help you identify when your systems are nearing end of life, it is surprising how many companies get caught out by neglecting this very simple action. Adbro want you to avoid headaches with outdated equipment and software. Here are a few ways in which we can help you forge ahead with your production whatever the state of your current systems:

  • Regular maintenance and checks to identify potential threats
  • Expert consultancy services to help you identify the way forward with current processes
  • Retrofitting services to keep your current systems on the move
  • Complete turn-key project management services for new control systems
  • Software engineering expertise to update old proprietary software
  • 24 hour support service for emergency situations

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