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How can Machine Vision Technology help my Business?

Industrial machine vision is a system used on the production line in factories using high-speed photography to provide data in order to extract invaluable information. This technology can be used in almost any kind of manufacturing environment regardless of sector or materials used, and can have huge cost savings for you, the manufacturer. 

By replacing human inspectors with automated machine vision systems, you will have a leaner, more cost effective production process. This is because machine vision is considerably faster, more accurate, and more consistent than human labour. This means that you will have more control over your processes and can set predefined parameters for inspection; whether that be ingredients menus, finished products ready for selection or rejection,or the final packaging process of manufactured goods.

Adbro, the Machine Vision Experts

At Adbro we pride ourselves on our vision control knowledge. We custom build our control systems to suit your requirements, and only partner with top vision camera companies for our projects, such as Sick and Ranger. This is because we constantly strive to provide you with the fastest and most accurate systems possible. Over the years we have worked on a plethora of visions systems for SMEs and large well-known brands, and have gained something of a reputation for high quality imaging and analysis. 

Our specially designed Sentinel control panel has a logging and warning system that automates the quality control function of youroperation. The Aquila-i is our advanced 100% inspection and rejection system, which will reduce costs by rejecting individual items, not entire rows of produce. It is this bespoke knowledge and expertise that Adbro specialize in, and in doing this we have helped many customers to achiever leaner manufacturing processes.

Our vision knowledge can help you radically improve your production process whatever your company size or the materials being produced. We are a flexible company with the capacity, knowledge and engineering skill to provide either project management for a full turn-key service, or we can help with a niche aspect of a vision project which may require complex machine vision expertise. Of course, Adbro is also no stranger to adapting existing systems, retrofits, and even relocation projects.

From the initial design stage, right though through to the build and installation, we will not only project manage all aspects of your new control system, but can even provide you with 24 hour support by phone, or on site if necessary.

Benefits of utilizing Adbro Machine Vision technology:

  • Turn-key project management services
  • Software specialists to make your vision system work with your process
  • Partnership with top vision camera companies such as Sick and Ranger
  • Considerable cost savings
  • 24-hour emergency support on site and by phone
  • A team of expert control engineers with a wealth of vision controls
  • A dedicated workshop for off-site builds
  • Health and safety compliant documentation


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